About 70% of India’s population lives in villages where access to primary health care services may not be robust.



Call us and join our cause.


Call us and join our cause.
Gopinath Bhavan, Nutanpara,
Dist. Jalpaiguri PIN code: 735101, West Bengal
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We are pledged to providing healthcare for the underprivileged.
"The name of PROJECT SETU stemmed from the gap that was identified between urban and rural healthcare."
Dr. Roshni Jhan Ganguly,

Project SETU

Thereby bringing to you rural healthcare solutions to bridge this gap through:

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Our mission is continuity of care!

The name PROJECT SETU has been termed to bridge the gap between rural and urban India.
In our country, about 70% of the population lives in villages, where access to medical facilities, quality primary healthcare amenities, and health literacy is very limited.
To improve the national health indicators as a whole, we cannot do so, without bridging the health gaps between rural and urban India.
SETU has thus been formed and aims to identify the major issues that people are facing in rural India…

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We realized that continuity of care would be the most important component to delivering high-quality primary health care services.
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We are pledged to provide healthcare for the underprivileged.
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Upcoming Project Setu Camp Jorepakri, West Bengal
Jorepakri, West Bengal

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Help us to take this initiative and reach all corners of our country.

With your help, we can provide more. Reach out with whatever you can contribute. A small contribution from you can help many underprivileged rural populations with basic health care needs.

We will make sure your help reaches them. Thank you for your support.

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